maandag 23 juli 2007

Almost August already

It has been a while since I posted over here. It's not because I'm lazy or having a vacation, I just don't have much to write about.

At work I'm busy with all kinds of things: preparing websites for the new schoolyear, thinking over some plans, and doing random stuff that just needs to be done.

Outside work, I ordered a new (and my first) laptop, a shiny red one from Dell. I will move in with my boyfriend in October and I just don't want to move my pc with me, since he already has one too; so I chose to buy a new laptop instead, and that one will be mine and mine only. :) I can't wait till it arrives!

What *did* arrive on Saturday was the last Harry Potter book. I'm only halfway through, but that's mainly because of (and thanks to?) social obligations to family and friends during this weekend. I only managed to read when I went to bed or when I was stuffed inside a very full train to Den Haag this morning. As you can guess, I'm a fan... And I fear the end of the Harry Potter saga. What will become of that fandom when the books have ended? We, the fans, have still two movies to wait for, but then? I don't know. Perhaps a new book hype will emerge? I don't know. Anyhow, I *will* miss the shared anticipation with the other Harry Potterfans and the discussions of the books afterwards.

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