dinsdag 26 juni 2007

Wikipedia en new media literacy

I just read (partly; because I didn't have time to read it completely yet) a very interesting blogpost of Henry Jenkins: "WHAT WIKIPEDIA CAN TEACH US ABOUT THE NEW MEDIA LITERACIES (PART ONE)".

In this article, Jenkins acknowledges some practical problems of media literacy:

Our initial report raised three core concerns, which suggest the need for policy and pedagogical interventions:

1. The Participation Gap -- the unequal access of youths to the opportunities, experiences, skills, and knowledge which will prepare them for full participation in the world of tomorrow.

2. The Transparency Problem -- The challenges young people face in learning to see clearly the ways that media shapes our perceptions of the world.

3. The Ethics Challenge -- The breakdown of traditional forms of professional training and socialization which might prepare young people for their increasingly public roles as media makers and community participants.

I was glad to read this, because I already mentioned the "participation gap" in my thesis (as criticism on excisting theories on participation, sharing of knowledge, en communities).
I recommend this blogpost; there's also a link to a paper that goes into more depth on this subject! ("confronting the challenges of participatory culture").

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