zondag 15 april 2007

DEAF: Pictures and Clips

I promised to post some pics and clips on this blog, so here they are. They're all made with my mobile phone, so the quality is so-so. But hey, it's something!

Here's a picture of the Amazon Noir incubator. I've worked for two days as a host on the festival now, and a lot of people just don't get this piece (with the projectors). When I tell the story about the Amazon hack, they start to really appreciate it. From my perspective and what I've heard from visitors, the Amazon Noir piece could/should(?) be more interactive. Perhaps an interactive online story, in which people can play with different outcomes would've been a nice idea? ... Anyways, as soon as people hear about what happened with this project and Google Will Eat Itself, they love it and they appreciate me telling about it. That's what I like about hosting. It's been a rewarding experience so far. :)

This is another favourite of mine: Harddisko by Valentina Vuksic. I like the noise that the broken harddisks are making. I sure hope my own pc get the idea for being this musical for the time being! I rather like it working the way it does, thank you very much.

Perhaps Ondulation, by Thomas McIntosh, is my absolute favourite, because it's so beautiful. Honestly, no picture or film can do justice to this piece: you have to see it for yourself. But I filmed it anyway to give an impression of it.

And MOBI (by Graham Smith) could be a great alternative for sick children who can't be at school for a while: the robot is still quite a presence, and the child can look and talk through the robot and miss no lessons. I felt weird talking to the person on the screen, but I got used to it.

A lot of visitors are intruiged by the knife.hand.chop.bot by 5Voltcore. I won't put my hand in it; I like my hands too much for that.

For example: I need my hands to play with Drawn (by Zachary Lieberman)! Filming and playing at the same time proved to be a challenge, but it was fun nontheless. I like to say to visitors that children love Drawn... But actually, we're all just big kids, aren't we? Everyone loves playing with Drawn!

So, that's it for now. I'll work for DEAF at least another day (in about two weeks). It's a great experience. Talking to the guests and visitors is enlightening. And giving a tour to people from the "Kennisalliantie" was very interesting too. I thought that I didn't know enough about the pieces, but they actually complimented me for the way I talked about the pieces. Oh well, as long as they enjoyed it and got inspired, I'm content. :)

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