woensdag 11 april 2007

DEAF opening night

Wow, that was fun!

Yesterday, I had to leave work early to get to Rotterdam at 16 pm. We - the hosts and Vera-Maria Glahn - met up at LP2 (and Pakhuis Meesteren) and got to talk to some of the artists, who were still preparing their projects for the opening night.

Around 7 pm the festival was opened and there was quite a lot of public. It was for us, the hosts, immediately our first day of work. We all kinda kept close to the projects that we knew most about. So, I was most of the time near the Amazon Noir project, and I talked to a lot of people, trying to get their perspectives and thoughts on the project and things like authorship, copyright, hacking, etcetera. I think it went okay; it was really rewarding to see the sparkle in the eyes of a man who clearly thought that the artists were like David fighting Goliath.

I met Paolo and Alessandro and it was very nice to meet them and talk to them about the project (and Google Will Eat Itself). Alessandro told me that they are now working on a third project with Hans and Livlx, which is still in the beginnings. It's supposed to be a trilogy (with GWEI and Amazon Noir). I'm curious what their new "target" will be!
Paolo and Alessandro: thanks for being so kind to me. :)

I'll try to post some pictures and perhaps some movies of the opening night tomorrow.

On the DEAF website you can now find streaming videos of (upcoming) seminars. :)

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