dinsdag 27 maart 2007

GWEI.org censored by Google (?)

I got this in the mail from my former tutor, Mirko Schaefer, the other day. It's about another project by Ubermorgen and Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico (who also made Amazon Noir):

Call for Support: Link to Google Will Eat Itself

Google Will Eat Itself announced that their domain gwei.org is now fully censored on all Google Search-Indexes worldwide. What a scandal!

The idea behind GWEI is simple:

Google Will Eat Itself generates money by serving Google text advertisments on a network of hidden Websites. With this money GWEI automatically buy Google shares. GWEI buys Google via their own advertisment. Google eats itself - but in the end “we” own it. By establishing this autocannibalistic model we deconstruct the new global advertisment mechanisms by rendering them into a surreal click-based economic model. After this process GWEI hands over the common ownership of “our” Google Shares to the GTTP Ltd. [Google To The People Public Company] which distributes them back to the users (clickers) / public.

Let’s break the silence and put a link to this project on our sites and blogs: http://www.gwei.org. Give Google back to people! GWEI is an interesting case how to imagine a new global public sphere. How to reverse privatization and rethink a truely public Internet without the Googles and Yahoos.

I'm not sure what motivations Google had to "ban" gwei.org from their index, but the project is so original, that I gladly post this. :)

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