donderdag 8 maart 2007

DEAF 07: Introduction

On Tuesday March the 6th I went to Rotterdam for the introductory meeting on participating at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival as hosts and guides. It was interesting, exciting, and exhausting (at least, for me it was, because I had worked the entire day and it had taken me quite a while to travel to and from Rotterdam).

During the introduction, I got to hear more about the exhibition and the artworks that will be shown there. Some of them were quite interesting to me, since they had to do with virtual reality, interactivity, games, and knowledgesharing. The participating students and post-grads will also attend a seminarweekend (March 24/25). We'll do research on the art projects ourselves and present them at the seminar. I yet have to choose a work that is interesting to study from my own perspective. I think I want to do some research on "Amazon Noir" by Especially because it has to do with critique on copyrights. But we'll see how it goes.

The festival itself is in April.

About DEAF

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) is an international and interdisciplinary biennial that focuses on art, technology and society and is organized by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, in Rotterdam.

DEAF presents a wide range of programme segments, including, of course, a large exhibition of interactive artworks and installations. There will also be concerts, performances, seminars, workshops and an academic symposium. The festival is characterized by a thematic approach. Its aim is to bring current developments and themes around art in our technological culture to a diverse audience.

DEAF is one of the most important international festivals focusing on art and media technology, and it can be regarded as a showcase for research for and production of new media art (some specially commissioned).

This festival in Rotterdam is the ideal place for representatives of various networks to meet and inspire each other, and for international critical debate to take place.

You can find more information on DEAF at

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