donderdag 7 juni 2007 and G8

I got a press release from Hans Bernhard from I thought I might as well share it over here. :)

G8 - Cops beat up handicaped demonstrator - V|07 Videoart Fair Venice

June 6, 2007, Rostock, Heiligendamm, Vienna, Berlin

The beating took place in Rostock during the night of the major riots, June 2, 2007, Saturday. The involved police officers beat up a demonstrator in a wheelchair. Lizvlx from UBERMORGEN.COM states that "This is the worst double-header scenario i have ever seen, police violence and artistic performance melted together in a unique way, ugly!".

"This new action video rocks" says Hans Bernhard from UBERMORGEN.COM, "it demonstrates the exchangeability of violence - our speciality is to deliver an extra portion of violence to already very brutal environments. We overaffirm the Madman theory".

The video can be found under:
The 2007 action is documented under:

Last year's coverage of Mayday 2006 by UBERMORGEN.COM included a police officer getting beat up by a some demonstrators in Berlin-Kreuzberg. 8 months after the release of the video, LKA Berlin (Major Crime Unit) investigated into the case and summoned Alister Mazzotti (Mazzotti Action Stunt Team).

The 2006 action is documented under:

Both actions are pure Media Hacking: no ethics, no content, no message. With the „Foriginal Media Hack No. 1 and No. 2“ we follow a simple instruction on how to infiltrate mass media with low-tech instruments (email, mobile-phones, web/blog) and ambiguous data. This action is an experiment within this conceptual setting. It is a amalgamation of fact and fiction. The persiflage of the absurd. Minutenprotokoll der Krawalle. The gesture is very important. Consensual hallucination...

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