woensdag 2 mei 2007

We love our gadgets

A collegue here demonstrates a gadget which he got from us for his birthday. The kids loved it (and frankly, we love it too... though it's also quite annoying!)

Yesterday, a group of Websitemaker kids came over for the "Websitemaker Day", as I like to call it (though it was more of a Websitemaker afternoon, but I digress). I showed them around and we talked about the Websitemaker, the progress of the newest version, and how they want to participate in the project (like, beta testing). We also talked about the community and its forums, and how to promote the Websitemaker on schools. It was a very interesting day and it was inspiring - not only for me, but also for my collegues who work on the Websitemaker behind the scenes - to see these kids (or teenagers already) being so enthousiastic about this service. With their help, we can make it even better. :)

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