dinsdag 1 mei 2007

iGoogle gadgets... or widgets?!

I read the following article on Tweakers: the personal Google page is now called iGoogle. But what confused me about it was the talk about Google Gadgetmaker and the ways you can insert gadgets onto your personal page.

For me, gadgets are more like... well, real life gadgets. Must-haves. Electronical thingies that I can hold in my hands.

Inserting stuff on a blog like this is done with "widgets". Thingies that you can place on your blog or website which show your latest uploaded Flickr photos etc.

So... Why did they call it gadgets? Ah, it's so wrong!

But wait, I googled both terms and this is what I found for widget:

Window gadget. The basic building block for a graphical user interface. A widget is a window with a particular appearance and behavior. See window.

Hm... Widget is a lazy, but o so creative, combination of window and gadget? So, they actually use the term gadget longer than widget for this stuff? ... It still confuses me and my nerd boyfriend hadn't heard about it before either (which at least makes me feel a bit less stupid). Ah, the beauty of metaphors...........

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