woensdag 28 februari 2007

A Job

I officially graduated yesterday, and tomorrow I'll already begin with my very first official job! I will be working (again) for "Stichting Kennisnet Ict op school", as a web editor. And I'm looking forward to it. :)

About Stichting Kennisnet Ict op school:
The foundation Kennisnet Ict op school is a public ICT support organisation established by and for education. Kennisnet Ict op school manages the interests of the Dutch education sector, offers ICT related knowledge and delivers public educational services and products to renew and innovate education.

As an ict organisation, knowing that ICT is one of the instruments that can make education as flexible as possible, the challenge for Kennisnet Ict op school is to provide ICT instruments as the standard tools in the toolbox of every teacher and learner. This will enable them to implement ICT into educational processes for flexible learning anytime and anywhere.

On the first of February 2006 the foundations Kennisnet and Ict op school merged into a new organisation called the foundation Kennisnet Ict op school. The new organisation aims at providing ICT services (Label: Kennisnet) and managing consumer interests (label Ict op school). The mission is stated as: 'Learning to renew with ICT'. The people working for Kennisnet Ict op school are together involved in the three most important theme’s: promoting expertise, new learning contents and educational renewal with ICT.
Source (and read more at): http://www.kennisnetictopschool.nl/international

I'll be working 4 days a week (32 hours), which leaves me some time to focus on other activities, like writing articles (I'm busy with one about my Master thesis) and the DEAF festival, and my hobbies, like writing and drawing. Oh joy!

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