maandag 19 februari 2007

First Post

Because this is the very official first post of my brandnew blog, I'll just introduce myself and leave you with a cool youtube clip about hypertext, web 2.0, blogging, RSS feeds (and "you", as You are the Person of the Year 2006, according to Times Magazine. Congratulations, by the way).

Well, I am a student... No, wait, I'm not really a student anymore, but I'm somewhere in between being a student and having a real fulltime job. I finished my Master thesis in December. I will officially be Tineke, Master of Arts (New Media and Digital Culture), at the end of February (counting the days, really). And I'll get that eagerly awaited degree in the beginning of March. My family will be proud.

I studied New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Utrecht. I also got my Bachelor degree there, for studying "Taal- en Cultuurstudies" (Language- and Culture Studies, but I'm not sure about the translation...), my specialisation was Mediastudies. During my Masterstudies, I considered applying for the ResearchMaster (media), but at the moment I have had enough of research and writing papers. Especially writing my thesis was quite draining, and I'm sure glad that I got that over with. By the way, you can read about my thesis and internship on my old weblog, over here. It's in Dutch though, so you're warned. In all probability I might write some entries here also in Dutch, when I'm particularly lazy.

When I'm not working or studying, I love doing the following things: writing, drawing, photography, going out, making out, more writing, listening to music, reading up on the Internet, showing signs of life on online community's, discussing movies with friends, and watching television when I feel like it.

Anyways, that's enough for today. I'll leave you with that cool clip that I mentioned earlier. Don't you just love Youtube?

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Stagiaire zei

Congrats with the new blog! I'm amazed you can keep them all up to date... I tend to forget which blogs I had running until months later.

Anyways, nice initiative to start a new blog for this new phase in your life. Do you also get the idea that all new things come together (bf/end of study/start of career)?

But there's just one thing we need to continue: our thursday nights out! On that night we forget that we have boyfriends and are supposed to be quite grown-up. Party on!

Tineke zei

Thank you. :)
And yes, I hope this blog will encourage me to learn more and work further on my interests in new media.

And yes, Thursday nights out! That's something that I can still do!